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Our work centres on preventing homelessness. We provide a free, confidential, independent and impartial advice service on a wide range of housing issues and problems including homelessness, accessing accommodation in the public, private and voluntary sectors, repossession, landlord/tenant issues, and housing benefit. We also assist those who become (or are about to become) homeless to access alternative accommodation

We have been providing this high-quality service to the residents of Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne Bay continuously ever since 1991. 


Annual report

Our latest annual report has more information about our clients, need for our services and what we did.

download the report as a pdf


Our leaflet with summary information about CHAC

download the leaflet as a pdf

Case studies

The best way to understand our work is to read some of our clients' stories. The twelve case studies here relate the problems faced by 12 of our clients during 2015-16 and how we were able to help them. (These are actual cases but all names and initials have been changed to preserve confidentiality.

download the case studies

What our clients and other agencies say

From Jodie Wilkinson, Family Support worker at Porchlight, Feb 2015

"Brilliant, Thank you for your help with this.

Just want to say what a great service CHAC delivers, I know that Mandy and myself have really appreciated your support with this matter."

Jodie Wilkinson

  • Taken from our client feedback analysis and client satisfaction survey 2013 ("would you recommend our services to someone else?")

  • “I already have done. The tenants of the ground floor flat are in the same situation”
    ("and if so why?")
  • “For the help I got”

    “CHAC have helped us more than a specialist solicitor”

    “Because you are helpful and win cases”
  • Taken from our "client satisfaction survey" 2009 

  • "The advice given was easy to understand and the staff empathetic with my situation"

    "The staff at CHAC have not only addressed my housing problem and assisted in solving it but have also made me feel very welcome and have done much to provide good service"

    "I think that CHAC helps to sort out what has gone wrong"

    "The staff at CHAC are very helpful to everyone that I have seen coming to CHAC and kind if you need help"

    "Staff extremely helpful and polite".


  • We are a voluntary sector charitable organisation providing a free service - we have no income from clients.

  • Most of our current funding is from Canterbury City Council. (We enjoy a close working relationship with the Council and are very grateful for their support. But we are entirely independent and act solely in the interests of our clients, challenging Council decisions whenever necessary). We also receive limited grant funding and welcome individual and corporate donations.

  • From April 2014 we have undergone a dramatic cut in our funding. We shall continue to provide a service (thanks to a one-off additional grant from Canterbury City Council) and the quality of our service will be unaffected. But without further funding we shall not be able to meet local need anything like in full:

  • Annual need Provision available
    on current funding
    Full cases 466 90
    One-off advice 1468 450

[Estimated need annualised from the figures for work actually done by CHAC first two quarters 2013-14. Estimated provision based on meeting our CCC targets.]

From April 2015 we need additional grant and donation funding to be able to continue to operate.


We urgently need additional grant funding and donations to come closer to meeting demand from April 2014 and to continue at all from April 2015.

£23 pays for an hour of staff time -  
which might be an initial appointment which makes the difference between a client and her children retaining accommodation or becoming homeless.

We are also happy to receive larger or smaller sums online or you may want to consider a small monthly donation. We are not currently able to GiftAid online donations.

If you prefer to donate in another way, or have any queries about donation or other fundraising activity please contact

We also need volunteers to help with reception and administration. (Please contact to volunteer or for more details.)

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